Reliance 3G Tab Overview

Due to the heavy competition in the tablet market every company is trying to sell their product and make their own space. In this competition Reliance tied up with ZTE Corporation, a Chinese company and launched Reliance 3G, ata shocking price of Rs. 12,990. Any smart phone comes in the range of 10,000-25,000, but the Reliance 3G at such a price seems to be attractive.  After paying 12,990 you get a bundled 3G SIM, which seems worth the money.

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The 7 inch touch screen of the tablet seems to be very attractive; however the fingerprint and smudged magnet are a drawback. Even after many wipes, it is difficult to keep the display clean and spotless for long. The display performs well enough under the sun and is bright which makes it comfortable to work on. Watching HD videos is interesting and not troublesome as it has 480X800 pixels and has a WVGA resolution. The touch sensitivity is a little slow and could have been better.

The processor clock at 800MHz is an under-powered compared to other tablets, however is surprises with its good speed when running a number of applications at the same time. The tablet comes with 512 Mb of RAM, and is we have around 200-300 Mb of free RAM, when we are not running any application, the memory management is pretty good.

The tablet comes with two cameras, a 2 megapixel camera at the back and a VGA camera in the front. The  back interior is covered by a plastic cover. It has a 3400mAH battery and a slim card slot. It also has microSD card slot and also a 4GB card. The two speakers, one at the top and one at the bottom provides a good level of volume. The tablet is charged by a micro USB port at the bottom and it is also used for data transfer.

reliance 3g tab cheapest Android tablets in India price availability features technical specifications cost review feedback buying options why to buy a tablet RComm black tablet with blue background

Android Gingerbread OD

Even without a honeycomb, the large screened Android Smartphone is a pleasure to use. The tablet is easy to use as it has pretty simple UI. The tablet does comes with the usual Android home screens, has lots of apps and widgets. It might get a little laggy, only if you are running lot of applications at a time. The apps may run a slow but proper management will give a good experience.

3G Connectivity

 It has no comparison, when it comes to 3G speeds. The top download speed tested by the Speedtest app shows a very good speed of 3.2 Mbps. It also gives a good upload speed of 1.5 Mbps. It provides excellent connectivity with no network issues even in the basement.


The tablet has 720p screen and Dolby Surround feature that makes watching videos an excellent experience. It also has a good music player that supports the Dolby audio feature and produces crisp audio. The tablet has an average quality camera that can click pictures at 3MP and videos at VGA resolution.


Reliance Tab is a great option with the Reliance 3G plans. For those hoping for a super fast tablet, it can be a disappointment for them. It can definitely handle various applications but fails to give the zing factor.

One can surely go for the tab as you get 5GB monthly data card for one year just at a price of Rs. 19, 990 which is worth every single penny.

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