Review: BSNL Penta IS701R Tablet

Recently, three tablets were launched by BSNL in collaboration with Pantel Technologies which is based in Noida. Out of the three tablets, the BSNL Penta IS701R tablet was the cheapest and priced at Rs 3,250.

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Penta IS701R Tablet – Specifications

BSNL Penta IS701R is equipped with Android 2.3 operating system and is a Wi-Fi only tablet. It has a processor of 1 GHz and RAM of 256 MB. The tablet has a resistive touchscreen with aspect ratio of 16:9. The resolution of screen is 800 x 600 pixel. The device currently does not have HDMI port, but the officials from the company said that the device which would be available in the market would have HDMI port through which you can connect your TV sets.

It has an internal memory of 2 GB and has the support for micro SD through which the memory size can be increased. The Penta IS701R has a 3000 mAh battery. The tablet has a micro USB port which can be used to connect to data card or it can also be used to charge the device. The tablet has a VGA camera which is a front facing camera.

Penta IS701R Tablet – Look and Feel

If you compare Penta IS701R to other cheap available tablets in the market, the specifications of Penta IS701R looks better as other tablets fall short in specifications when compared in this price range. In terms of look and feel, the design or foam factor looks very similar to other tablets that are available in the market. The body of this tablet is made from plastic and has a textured finish to enable better grip on the tablet.

There are four button that appear on the tablet. Three buttons are placed on the front panel while there is one on/off button on the side panel. The power on/off button also acts as the screen lock button. The three buttons that are placed on the front panel are – refresh, home and menu.

Penta IS701R has a front facing VGA camera. It can be used for video conferencing or taking pictures. The quality of camera is not that great, it can be said that the quality of camera is average. The tablet has a 3.5 mm jack that can be used to connect to head phones or speakers. It has an expandable memory slot that can be used to expand the memory up to 32 GB.

Penta IS701R Tablet – Performance

The touch screen of the device is not that great. You need to press your fingers harder in order to get response from the tablet. While swapping the icons, the response was not so good. You get frustrated while swapping.

The Penta IS701R also doesn’t have any physical volume rocker button. In order to control volume, every time you need to go to home screen and then access the volume control icon which is placed at the top corner of the right hand side of the tablet.

The back panel of the tablet gets heated up soon while charging the tablet. So just be cautious while buying this tablet from the market.

Apart from the above mentioned facts, the Penta IS701R works great. It supports file formats which are most popular like .doc, .pdf, .pptx, .docx, .RM, MP3 and WMA. The whole experience of using touch keyboard was great. It was smooth and had no problem at all. There was no problem while accessing the internet on Wi-Fi mode.

Penta IS701R Tablet – Conclusion

Penta IS701R is a great device for the price range for which it is being offered. It is a great device if you are first time tablet buyer and wants to get experience of using a tablet. If you want a cheap tablet, then it is advisable to go for this tablet.

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  1. Gautam
    March 1, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    bsnl tablet is the best compare to the aakash what you think ?

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