Zee Launches Ditto TV

Zee New Media which is the digital arm of Zee (Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited) has launched Ditto TV. Ditto TV offers Video-On-Demand (VOD), live TV channels using the Over-The-Top (OTT) method of distribution platform. These content which would be provided by the Ditto TV could be consumed in desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, entertainment boxes and any of the connected TVs.

Zee Launches Ditto TV now watch tv on mobile laptop desktop tablets entertainment boxesDitto TV will be available in India. Along with India, Ditto TV is also launched in the following countries where it would also be available. These countries include – Australia, New Zealand, UK and UAE. Along with the above mentioned countries, Ditto TV would also be available in the US.

Zee was the first private channel that was launched in India. It was a complete different experience for Indian consumers who were programmed to watch only Doordarshan. It was Zee that provided more entertainment to Indian television watchers  and first real competition to Doordarshan.

As of now, Ditto TV is hosting a set of 21 channels. But soon there is high intention from the company to provide a set of 50 channels. For this company has partnered with channels such as BBC, Sony Entertainment Television, Zee and TV Today Network. The company is pretty sure in extending the number of channels up to 50 or maybe more in near future.

Along with the above mentioned companies, Ditto TV has also partnered with Siemens Communication in order to develop a technology that would solve the problem of streaming and would provide a way of adaptive streaming.

The benefit of Over-The-Top (OTT) method of distribution platform is that, that it supports features such as adaptive streaming, a content recommendation engine and a content guide. It also has a great advantage of allowing customization – both in terms of choice of content and in terms of cost. Different users can pick their own basket of channels according to their tastes and preferences. Different points in price helps further customization and control of channel selection. The lowest starting cost is as low as Rs 49 only.

 The managing director and CEO of Zee Enterprises Limited, Mr. Punit Goenka said that “The OTT category presents a huge potential and adds an exciting new dimension to Zee’s business model. Ditto TV was created to bring wireless broadband digital services to customers across the world. I believe that Ditto TV will transform the way content is consumed, and monetised and we are thrilled to be at the helm of this revolution.

Ditto TV will also be available in Android Market as an Application. It would also be available at Apple’s App Store and Blackberry Application World. For Windows and MAC users, you can download everything from www.dittotv.com. Ditto TV has also undergone distribution partnership with retail chains like Croma and Vijay Sales where Ditto TV’s prepaid cards would be available.

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