Review: The New Toyota Fortuner 2012

In 2012, Toyota launched a new Fortuner which was modeled to remove all the shortcomings that the previous model of Toyota Fortuner had.

New Toyota Fortuner price review test drive opinion feedback reviews comments outer look

With its growth in November, the older 2008 Fortuner developed drastically and created an edge over the mindset of the people, over the complaints of loose brakes in pre-developed cars. Hence, people loved this fine and tough strokes played of Toyota!

We tested the new Toyota Fortuner and did a thorough test drive. Here is what we found out about the new 2012 Toyota Fortuner.

TOYOTA FORTUNER- Looks and Interiors

It looks heavenly good with new versions and flair changes from front and can be categorized first rate with sharp lines on the top, a rounded and Xenon headlights, fine cuts of the bumper, and larger grille. Though the wheel and tyre size and door glass are unchanged yet new alloys gives it an enchanting look. The new rear wheel enriches extended rear bumper at the back but the red color in the same tail light looks ordinarily outdated.

New Toyota Fortuner price review test drive opinion feedback reviews comments interiors

With the fine black dash board, the smooth power steering is much better than that of Innova. The automatic gearlever is impressive with the reversing camera, power seats cruise controls. Apart from the touch screen audio system the user is charmed by the silver finish interiors with shiny plastic opening which makes it somewhat relatively cheaper but the padded seat makes it comfortable for the driver to drive the car safely with 3 people in the middle and children at the back side cushions.

The marvelous remark the Toyota has is on its gearbox which is undoubtfully an automatic set up. Though it does not carry the fantasies of competitive cars like Endeavour, Scorpio, Santa Fa etc. and does not support paddle shifters or tip-tronic yet it is a wonderful piece. It is so because what third gear means to Endeavour is second to Fortuner. So, Fortuner is much more capable of smooth and long lasting drive whether in town or on highways with high diesel capacity on an average of 130kph.

Fortunate drive on Fortuner…!

As soon as the accelerator speeds up, the smooth speed rolls your enthusiasm to optimum with perfect gears and awesome speed. Since Fortuner is 95kg lighter than the other cars it yields more speed which is faster than that of Endeavour or Scorpio. The only limitation it has is with Santa Fe as Fe is second and a half seconds slower than it. But on the contrary, this two wheel drive engine has a stress-free stability at the time of burn out which its competitors fails to provide. Thus, this high stiffness car at low speed comparatively gives jerks in small pieces yet it’s easy steering means a lot to a driver especially in traffic or road-jams in cities.

New Toyota Fortuner price review test drive opinion feedback reviews comments outer look cool blue color car

The ultimate revolution Toyota brought in is in its frontier disc brakes which improved the entire brake system unexpectedly. The car which used to stop at about 29 meters away from the place where brake was used on a speed of 80 stops now at 24.6 meters through ABS System considerably.

The car does not provide a low range status but motor’s torque and an attractive rear wheel instigates one for a “breathtaking drive”. As it has a high ground clearance which tells one about the avoidance of the sandy areas.

Hence, with 7.8kpl and fourth gear Fortuner 2WD is worth using. So, do not miss your fortune!

 New Toyota Fortuner – Price

The ex-showroom price for New Delhi was in the range of Rs 20,79,000 to Rs 21,93,500. The car is certainly worth every penny that you spend on the car. So go ahead and buy it if you are planning to buy a SUV in the near future.

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