Electric Jaguar Will Hit The Roads In 2013

The new eclectric Jaguar C X75 car price review specification photos pics automobile

The Electric Jaguar Car would be ready to hit the road in 2013. Jaguar presented C-X75 as a electric super car in Paris Motor Show 2010 as a concept car. Now, after long testing and working hard on the prototype, the company is ready to soon start it’s commercial production. The company says that with everything going according to the plan, the vehicle would be ready to hit the streets in 2013.

Electric Jaguar is a plug-in hybrid electric car. It works very similar to Chevy Volt. The car runs on electric power that is replenished by gasoline engine. This car has a top speed of 200 miles per hour and can take-off from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. It’s truly a monster of a car. On each of it’s wheel there’s a 145 kW electric motor. These motors are enough to generate a power of up to 800 horsepower.

The new electric Jaguar C X75 car pics price review specification photos automobile vehicle

The runs out of battery power by running for around 30 miles. When the battery goes off, the batteries are recharged by a four-cylinder gasoline engine that is turbo charged. Till this point of time, the turbo engine that charged the battery are not made into commercial production by Jaguar, but everybody is hopeful that once the commercial launch of the car takes place, it would soon be made available. According to Top Gear, “the fiery cannons of goodness might make it into a later section of the production run.”

The price of the Jaguar C-X75 is somewhere around US $ 1.1 Million, and that price is estimated on the lower side. The actual price can be expected to be little higher. This is one piece of vehicle you would not want to miss if you have loads of money to show-off and waste. But, if you have so much money then grab one of them, as Jaguar is making only 250 of them. Best of luck!!!

The new eclectric CX75 Jaguar C X75 car pics price review specification photos automobile vehicle

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