Samsung To Launch Galaxy Y Pro Duos In Dual-SIM Format

There has always been a need for Dual SIM phones whether the phone is a simple phone or a smartphone. With this option in mind, Samsung has decided to launch Dual SIM version of Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos.

Samsung Galaxy Y ProDuos with Dual SIM support great phone with two sims price features availability specifications

There is no further information available on the technical specifications and other features of the new phone to be launched by Samsung. But this is for sure that they have plans to launch the Dual SIM version of the smartphone soon in the market. The Dual SIM mobile is very identical to Samsung Galaxy Pro Y. There is some difference in the front facing camera though in the new device.

There is no information about the pricing and availability of the device as of now, but we will keep you updated as and when there is any other information about the device.

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