Sony To End Feature Phones By September In India

The world is moving towards more intelligent and smarter gadgets. In this regard, the companies are also moving ahead with the same pace. In the most recent news, there has been an announcement by Sony that it would soon end all the feature phones and would solely focus on smartphone segment.

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The end of feature phone divisions would be made till the end of September, 2012. After that, the company would entirely shift its focus towards the smartphone division.

According to Managing Director of Sony India, “The smartphone segment is growing by a CAGR of nearly 70 per cent. We as a company want to focus only on this segment. By the end of September this year, we plan to phase out all our feature phone models.

The company said that the sales of smartphone constitute only 10% of the total sales but the smartphone division contribute around 40 to 50% of the total value. Sony recently launched XPeria U in India which is priced at Rs 17,399 (INR).

So stay tuned for only smartphones from companies like Sony in the future. Will all this end the feature phone segment in the near future? This only time could tell. But one thing is sure that we all are heading towards a smarter and more intelligent world.

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