Tatkal Now From 10 AM Onwards And IRCTC To Increase Capacity Of Online Tickets

IRCTC website has received several criticisms in the past for not proper functioning of the website. There are many instances that the IRCTC website is very slow and the users are not able to book their ticket through the website.

Tatkal Bookings e-ticket Indian Railways urgent tickets

Mr. K. H. Muniyappa who is currently the head of State for Railways has announced that the current capacity of IRCTC website is to book only 3,50,000 tickets per day. The capacity of ticket is being increased to 5,00,000 tickets per day. This whole transformation would be completed within 4 months. During the next phase, the ticket capacity of the website would be increased to 8,00,000 tickets per day.

Also the rules for Tatkal timings has changed for general public in India. Now, with effect from 10th July, 2012 onwards, the Tatkal tickets would be booked from 10 am in the morning instead of 8 am. Also all the authorized booking agents would be able to start booking tatkal tickets only after 12:00 noon.

These steps has been taken by Indian Railways to help general public and keep all types of agents away from the system.

1 comment for “Tatkal Now From 10 AM Onwards And IRCTC To Increase Capacity Of Online Tickets

  1. Rahul Shayar
    November 23, 2012 at 6:22 pm

    If Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter etc can handle heavy traffic and not crash even once, why can’t IRCTC handle the traffic. IRCTC is getting crores of money on just cancellation of tickets and commission, they can easily upgrade their system if they have a real will to do that.

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