Hotmail Introduces Disposable Temporary Email Service

There are many sites that offer temporary email addresses. Examples of these include sites like mailinator and 10minutemail. These sites offer temporary email addresses for free but there are certain limitations associated with them. For example – you can’t send e-mail to others using this. You can only receive emails in your inbox. Also, these email addresses expire after certain duration of time, so you need to always make new email ids using these websites. Another thing to note is that you don’t have any clue about the owners of the website or the company that run these services. You also don’t know anything about the privacy policy of these sites.


A temporary email is very useful in cases where you don’t want to use your main email address due to the risks of spamming. Also if your main email contains your name and you don’t want to reveal your real name, then such kind of temporary email comes in handy.

If you have been looking for such temporary email addresses spam free then its time to log on to your previous Hotmail account and check Microsoft recently added new features in Windows Live Hotmail. With this feature, you can create aliases for your primary main email address and can manage these aliases with the same inbox provided.

With such a feature coming from big companies such as Microsoft, the user can be assured of quality and functionality of such alias email addresses.  The managing of these aliases is also very simplified and easy. All the incoming mails for a particular alias gets stored in a separate folder which is outside your main inbox. You can also delete a particular alias if you are getting too much spam for a particular alias.

Google Apps also supports email aliases but this feature is not supported by Gmail. In Hotmail, this feature is provided which is very similar to creating new Gmail account that auto-forwards to your account and then you make a filter to send these messages to particular email addresses. But the whole process in Hotmail is much simpler. In such an event, it’s pretty tough to say what the future of these temporary emails will be, but one thing is for sure that these features are now being taken up quite seriously by big players of the game.

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