Tips To Increase iPod Touch, iPad And iPhone Battery Life

Any multimedia device like an iPod, iPad or iPhone has lots of applications, which require a good battery backup. Running all the application like music player, access to the internet, all kinds of games and the so many other applications from the app store, only a long lasting battery will help in enjoying all these amazing features of the iPod, iPad or iPhone.

How to conserve battery life in ipod ipad iphone and smartphones

According to Apple rating the iPod, iPad or iPhone runs for almost 40hrs if we play music, or 7 hrs if we play video, on one charge. Sometimes we need more than these hours performance from the battery.

Below are the 10 tips which could be tried:

1. Auto Brightness-turn it on

The life of the battery can be extended by switching on the auto brightness of the iPod, iPad or iPhone. By turning on the auto brightness, the sensor detects the nearby light and adjusts the brightness of the screen accordingly. In case of the brighter settings the ambient light will be used to see the screen and the screen will be dimmer, this reduces the amount of battery life required to power the screen.

2. Screen Brightness-Reduce

We can also set the screen brightness to a single value, instead of switching on the auto brightness. The brightness can be set to one value in spite of the environment we are in. By reducing the brightness the battery usage is reduces, as we know more the brightness, more the consumption of battery.

Settings < Brightness

3. Wi-Fi-Switch off

The iPod, iPad or iPhone connects to the internet only when there is a wi-fi hotspot in the vicinity.  Due to this the iPod, iPad or iPhone continuously tries to connect to the wi-fi, which consumes a lot of battery.Some people keep the wi-fi switched on all the time, to get a chance to connect to an open wi-fi hotspot. The chances are very low but the battery consumed is very high. So tyr to keep the w-fi switched off until required.

Settings < Wi-Fi < Move Slider to Off

4. Location services-turn off

The iPod, iPad or iPhone does not have a built in GPS, but has a Location Services. The location services works on wi-fi. As discussed earlier the wi-fi should be switched off to save the battery. The locations service is a very useful application, which provide you approximate location and driving an walking directions of any places. As suggested before use the wi-fi only when required to save the battery.

5. Data Push-Turn off

The Data Push when switched on downloads email and data from the account synchronized on the iPod, iPad or iPhone, whenever the data is available on the internet. The Data push again works on the internet, which is run by wi-fi. As already discussed keep the wi-fi switched off until and unless it is required. Similarly keep the data push off until a very urgent an important email is expected. You can switch on the data push timely and download all the emails and data and then turn it off, to save the battery life.

Settings < Mail, Contacts, Calendars < Fetch New Data < Move Slider to Off

6. Emails-fetch then less often

To check emails regularly you need to keep the internet switch on, which will again eat up the battery. If you really want to save the battery instead of keeping the internet on , and downloading the emails regularly, you can just download them manually when required, or after an fixed time interval.

Settings < Mail, Contacts, Calendars < Fetch New Data < Tap on your choice

How to increase battery life of ipad iphone and ipod touch and other smartphones

7. Auto-Lock Sooner

The screen can be set to automatically go to sleep. The auto lock can be switched on which shuts the screen after a set time interval. The time interval should be set as low as possible, like 1 or 2 minutes. When the screen is switched off it stops all the apps and the usage of the network access, which drain the battery.

Settings < General < Auto Lock < Tap on your choice

8. Turn the Equalizer off

The iPod, iPad or iPhone touch includes an in-built equalizer feature in the music player that adjusts the music dynamically to increase bass, reduce treble and much more. The adjustments occur on the fly hence extra battery power is required for it. To conserve iPod, iPad or iPhone battery you can turn it off. Turning the equalizer off means a slightly modified music experience, which is not justified for audiophiles, but is definitely worthy for those who need long battery life.

Settings < iPod, iPad or iPhone < EQ < Tap Off

9. Do Less Battery Consuming Things

Do not always involve settings to save battery. Using your iPod, iPad or iPhone intelligently also helps in saving battery. Any activity on it that requires it to be on for long or uses many system resources, consumes a lot of battery. A few such things like watching movie and playing games from the App store make the iPod, iPad or iPhone touch most interesting. But the bad news is to conserve energy, reduce such battery-intensive activities.

10. Purchase an Extended Life Battery

If the above mentioned all the tricks fail then you need more battery. A few accessory makers like Kensington and Mophie provide extended life batteries for the iPod, iPad or iPhone touch (make sure you don’t buy the similar looking batteries of the iPhone). If none of the above mentioned techniques resolve your issues of battery life then extended life battery is the best choice. With it you will have days more standby time and use of many more hours.


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