Why Nokia Might Be Making A Good Move With Asha 501

Nokia is now targeting the next billion of its growth. The organization has seen a few bad days in the recent past with Samsung springing past it, in every sphere of product development and introduction into the market.

In the current year in the face of a lot of competition from firms like HTC and Sony who are also looking to scale into the top tier of cell phone manufacturers in the world, Nokia has slowly made clear its intent of scaling the next billion of growth via the phones it makes best. The feature smartphones.

And it has actually managed a master move with the Nokia Asha 501. With the Nokia Asha 501 price in India being at a best price of Rs.4900 currently, Nokia has moved well with a phone that seems uber cool at a low price and a body that has pretty written all over it.

To elaborate upon why the Nokia Asha 501 carries the potential to be a good move by Nokia, the following attributes can be checked out:

1.    Display: The Nokia Asha 501 comes with a 3 inch touch display that features the swipe touch feature making it an attractive little package in term of its display which seems clean and clear unlike what you would expect from a phone in this range.

2.    The Camera: The camera is a 3.15 MP affair that manages to take decent image shots in most light conditions except for very poorly lighted environments of course. The video shooting capabilities are ordinary, but then no one should expect anything more at such a low price range.

3.    Design: The design is what sets the Nokia Asha 501 apart in its segment. The design elements have been carried over from the high end options on the Lumia series, giving this low cost phone a touch of the premium. The phone is easy to handle and is luxurious in the hands, a feeling which is not often exuded by phones in this range.

4.    Performance: The Asha 501 has a smooth performance, definitely not one of the fastest in the market which it is not meant to be either. But it does perform without lags which are common to smartphones in the low price segments.

The above points in question clarify why the Asha 501 might be a good product which makes a good impression in the market. But relative to the current market too why the Nokia Asha 501 might well turn out to be a great move is because of the following market conditions:

The above statistics imply that feature phones will be the highest grossers yet in the market. And since the innovation in the high end smartphone market is something that will be inclusive of huge cost for Nokia, feature phones are definitely its best bet to achieve the next billion of growth.

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