Why You Should Do Online Trasactions

The so far development of the present scenario with all the advancements and technologies has evolved in to the online purchase and sales. This is so because it not only provides convenience of payments and receipts but prohibits loss of actual money in between the transactions.

online transaction payments made through internet and digital gadgets

People may not be clear and oriented towards online payments due to lack of technical knowledge and assistance but traveling business has shown a tremendous remarks in this field as online purchase of tickets has increased drastically in these recent years. Apart from this, the customers are showing keen interest and active participation in the online trade. But, still the majority of them fail to do so due to lack of trust and acceptance of new habit.

Recent study shows that about 33% of people are using electronic payments while 67% remains unaware of the fact that it provides certain advantages. Let these people know, what sort of pros does it has? Why should they change their habit of cash payments?

What Are The Benefits Of Online Payments?

According to Deloitte and ASOCHAM electronic payments exhibit certain advantages such that:

  • It helps in preventing black money into the market as 3 to 6 per million of notes are false which is used in an illegal purpose.
  • It helps in the cost cutting in the economy’s process of printing, distributing and using new notes. As 49 billion of notes are already present in the economy which increases by 10% every year. Thus, with increase in total number of notes the total cost in the production process increases in the economy.
  • Providing the actual amount of transaction is always inconvenient for both the buyer and the seller. Thus, it helps in maintaining the actual amount of balance in the transaction process.

Pooling of online purchasing and selling not only provides business benefits but helps in rendering positive effects on country’s economic and social conditions. Thus, this is the reason behind pooling of electronic payments and receipts.

The day when this system will become the most used and preferred one is not at all far because all it needs it just the creation of awareness among common people as these growing technologies are meant for the people, of the people and by the people of this mother world!

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