Aakash Tablet vs Ubislate 7+ – Answer To All Doubts

A lot of people have queries on Aakash Tab and Ubislate 7+. Before deciding which to book you must learn the differences between the two. Aakash is now available for online booking but people are facing doubts on which one to book. This is a detailed post on the difference between the specifications of Aakash and Ubislate 7+. People are usually confused if the two have similar features apart from the processor speed and GPRS.

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There are actually a lot of differences between Aakash and Ubislate 7+ of which few will amaze you for sure. Ubislate 7+ has also been named as Aakash 2, that is, the upgraded version of Aakash 1 or the Aakash Tab. Before mentioning the basic differences let us first go through the individual specifications of the two tabs mentioned below in the image. Ubislate 7+ is taking pre-order bookings.

Talking about the differences, apart from the specifications, here we have a list of the features of Ubislate 7+, which justify that it is better than Aakash Tab.

Features of Ubislate 7+:

  • High quality web
  • Ubislate 7 can be connected via GPRS or WiFi.
  • Free access to internet anywhere without any external dongles through the amazing GPRS system.
  • Faster Wi-Fi connection
  • Datawind’s patented acceleration technology can be used for a faster web access even when on any GPRS network, across the country.
  • Access to Web, Emails, Social Networking and a lot more.
  • HD quality video playback
  • Expandable 32GB that will give access to many apps and many files that can be stored in the Tab.
  • Any ordinary pen drive can be used to transfer data.
  • The most striking feature is that it’s a phone where calls can be made and received.
  • 3G dongles can be connected to browse internet through the USB port.
  • It also includes in-built speakers and integrated Mic.
  • It has 2 USB ports, a memory card reader slot along with 1 SIM support slot for GPRS and a 3.5mm jack for headphones.

Major Differences Between Aakash Tablet And Ubislate 7+

Difference between Aakash and Ubislate 7+ doubts and frequently asked questions relating to aakash tablet and Ubislate 7+


Besides all the specifications and features, here we have answered a few doubts which may rise when booking for a Tab for you. Let’s call them the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) while booking Aakash Tab and Ubislate 7+.

Aakash Tablet And Ubislate 7+ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is the tab available in Punjab, U.P, Bihar, Delhi and other places?

Ans: Yes, it is available throughout India.

Q2: Will Aakash be delivered within a week?

Ans: It depends on your booking order. It may take a week or even more at times.

Q3: Can the payment be done online?

Ans: No, payment can be done by cash on delivery.

Q4: Can the order of Aakash be canceled later?

Ans: Uptil now, there is no such option to cancel your order, but you can cancel it when the team calls to confirm your order.

Q5: Are there any hidden shipping charges?

Ans: As per current information, the Tab will be sent via speed post or any courier service for which no extra money is to be paid.

Q6: Can internet dongles of  TATA, Reliance or any other service be used to browse internet?

Ans: the dongles cannot be used in any of the tabs. But Wi-Fi and GPRS available will replace the services of the dongles effectively.

Q7: I have not received any confirmation mail from the Aakash team as yet ?

Ans: While booking the Tab firstly you will receive an automated message and later when your tab is ready to be delivered, you will receive a confirmation call and an email.

Q8: Can we make calls via Aakash tab?

Ans: No, you cannot make calls via Aakash tab. The feature is available in Ubislate 7, where you can make as well as receive calls.

Q9: Can the status of our tab be checked after booking?

Ans: no, you cannot trace the status of your tab as of now.

Q10: What is this monthly Rs. 98 charge for?

Ans: It is the web service charges which you will pay to your operator for browsing internet.

Q11: Do the tabs have web cameras?

Ans: No, there is no web camera in any of the tabs.

Q12: Is the processor fast enough to support multitasking?

A: You may find difficulty while multi-tasking in Aakash but no such problems will arise with Ubislate 7.

Q13: Do the tablets have Bluetooth?

Ans: No, there exists no Bluetooth or IR connection.

Q14: Can the Windows operating systems be installed in the tabs?

Ans: No, you cannot install Windows OS but can update it further Android OS versions.

Q15: How long is the battery backup?

Ans: Aakash should give a battery backup of 3-4 hours while Ubislate 7 should give a strong battery backup of 4-5 hours.

Q16: Can any USB pen-drive be connected to it?

Ans: Yes, you can connect any USB pen-drive or even keyboard too.

Q17: Can one play high graphic card games in the tabs?

Ans: No, you cannot. It is a simple tab to support your apps.

Q18: When will Aakash tab be delivered?

Ans: Datawind has promised to deliver the tab within a week of your order. Officially they have declared to deliver the tabs from Jan, 2012.

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      June 12, 2013 at 4:51 am

      My Ubislate tablet DW-UBT7+.A is Bluetooth application is lost and now Bluetooth is not functioning. So, how to re-use the Bluetooth application. Please tell me the method and how to download Bluetooth application.

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    in my aakash tablet wifi connectivity is lost( utstarcom is not appearing while connecting to wifi on mode. how to resolve this problem? utstarcom to be installed? if yes, how to install the utstarcom driver on my aakash tablet?

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