An App For Google Translate Released For Android

All of us just love to translate from one language to another when we simply do not know the meaning of word or sentence in a certain language. Now you can avail this facility through an App developed by Google.

Google Translate App for Android now convert text and voice to different languages

Google has recently developed a new version of Google Translate App for Android. This app is equipped to translate text between 64 different languages. Not only this, the App can even understand the voice of 40 different languages. You can give your input voice in one language and get the output in the form of other language. At present the app can respond to the translations with voice in almost 17 different languages.

With the launch of apps such as these, it would not be necessary to learn different languages of the world as compared to necessity to learn these languages before the development of apps such as Google Translate. It has really made the life simple for every human being on earth.

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