Apple All Set To Reveal iOS6, New Macs At WWDC

Apple, which is one of the most admired companies of the world, is all set to showcase new and updated Mac computers. These new devices could include MacBook Pro and McBook Air. All the showcase of new devices would be done at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), San Francisco.

Apple wwdc2012 june 11 15 San Francisco

This is the part of annual event which is hosted by Cupertino based company and would be held at World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. This time, the even would be started at 10 am Pacific Daylight Time which is around 10:30 pm India time. The event would contain keynote speech from the present CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook.

At this event, the most significant of the announcement would be iOS 6. iOS 6 is the Operating System which powers iPhone and iPad. A few days ago, a banner carrying iOS6 was spotted at the WWDC venue, which gives us a fair idea that Apple would talk about the iOS 6 during this event. So, it would be safe to assume that the new iOS6 would be coming out at the event today. It would be difficulty to say what exactly would be announced by Apple regarding the iOS6, but it could have a greater integration with Social Networking sites like Facebook and may also feature a much improved version of the overall notification system.

There is also a probability that the new iOS might have 3D map App, which is equivalent to Google Maps for iOS devices. So, with iOS6, all Apple devices would be able to use 3D Map App. But, these apps might be limited to only some of the developed countries and might not be available for countries such as India.

Apple is also expected to announce new MacBooks, with a more powerful Ivy Bridge processors from Intel. Current version of MacBooks are powered by Sandy Bridge processors. The MacBook Pro is likely to be changed to a slimmer and more smarter design. It may also get updated to a very high resolution display.

The company is also likely to reveal some more information and insights about the OS X Mountain Lion, which is currently available to only developers. Apple is also likely to announce some new features and information about its cloud service, iCloud.

These are some of the predictions that can be about Apple regarding the WWDC event to be held. What actually the company would talk about would be clear in a matter of few hours now. It would be very surprising if Apple talks about new iPhone, new iPad or Apple TV.

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