Aston Martin – James Bond’s Car Brand Opens Up A Showroom In Delhi

James Bond’s favourite car brand Aston Martin opens up a showroom in Delhi. The first showroom of the car brand opened up recently in Mumbai in April, 2011.

Aston Martin James Bond car New Delhi India showroom yellow color cool car

According to Mr. Andy Gawthorpe, global sales manager, Aston Martin, India is a huge potential for such quality cars as Aston Martin and since there is a lot of brand awareness made due to James Bond movies, this market and awareness about the car is expected to grow further.

Since there is a huge connection of the car with Bond’s movies, the launch event in Delhi had a chase sequence from the movie – Quantum of Solace. The pedals of the all new Aston Martin DBS were pressed by none other than Daniel Craig himself. The next bond movie – Skyfall, also features Daniel Craig riding his favourite car – the Asoton Martin.

This car brand would be having huge marketing opportunities when the next bond movie Skyfall hits India. The company could increase more of its awareness and reach among the potential customers of this great brand.

Aston Martin – Price

The price tag that the Aston Martin cars carry with them are in the range of $360,000 to $800,000. This amounts to somewhere around Rs 18 million to Rs 40 million in Indian currency.  The cars are now available for purchase and can be purchased through New Delhi showroom partner, Select Cars.

 It is great to see such brands making their way to Indian markets but, whether these cars would be successful on Indian roads is another story given the pathetic conditions of Indian roads.

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