Audi Designs Hybrid Motoryacht Powered By Electric Jet Skis And Diesel

We all have heard of hybrid cars but now comes a new breed of hybrid boats and yachts. A German grad student, Stefanie Behringer is trying to take the hybrid concept from cars and trying to apply these concepts to water and motorboats.

Audi boat yacht on water Hybrid technology Motor yacht Electric Jet Skis And Deisel automobile

Stefanie Behringer designed a new hybrid propulsion motorboat using the hybrid concepts. The project as a result of combined efforts of Audi’s Concept Design team in Munich and Behringer.  It has three hull, or trimaran, form which would greatly reduce the drag. In order to stabilize the boat, a jet ski is attached to either side of the main hull of the boat.  The jet skis are electric powered. The watercraft is 49 foot long and draws its power from two diesel engines. The two diesel engines use turbo-charged injection technology from Audi in order to function efficiently.

The new motoryacht is designed in such a way so as to operate at a top speed of about 30 knots. For emission free cruise and a mellow the yacht is operated by the jet skis. As the speed of the boat rises, the jet skis’ batteries are charged by the diesel engines. The jet skis provide a power of about 100 horsepower.

Audi boat yacht on water Hybrid technology Motoryacht Electric Jet Skis And Deisel automobile boat prototype

This yacht has plenty of room for everybody. It can accommodate 12 people in the deck area, while there is still a few space for more people below. There is a glass roofing at the top which protects the people from sun and wind. The deck of the boat is designed in a way to feel like a lounge. You will start liking the design of the boat once you step into it.

This is a very new concept and has a great future ahead. Audi is still planning to develop this technology in full mode. Till now, Audi has developed this boat only till the concept phase and there is no news from them to know, when will the production of such boats begin. Whenever this type of products are launched in the market, they have a huge chance to become hit since the investment in terms of technology and time to develop them is very huge.

Hope to see this yacht in the near future very soon!!!

Audi boat yacht on water Hybrid technology Motor yacht Electric Jet Skis And Deisel automobile boat prototype jet ski

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