By 2015, Facebook Will Be Dominated By Indians

Facebook is catching up fast in countries like India. It is predicted that by 2015, Facebook will have most number of users from India than any other country in the world.

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Currently, India has more than 46.3 million Facebook users. It stands at third position in terms of number of users behind United States and Brazil. United States is currently having close to 156.8 million users while Brazil is having close to 48 million users.

 The rise of social media is catching up fast in India. The number of Indians growing on Facebook is roughly 22 percent every six months. With this rapid rise, India will come neck to neck with the United States at a figure close to 170 to 175 million Facebook users, by the end of 2014. And by 2015, India would cross the US to become the nation with most number of users on Facebook taking the power of social networking away from the Western world.

Currently, in India close to only 4 percent of the total population use Facebook. While in the US almost 51 percent of the population is actively involved with the Facebook. So there is much scope for the Social Networking Giant to rise in India than any other country in the world. Taking consideration of these facts, Facebook has opened up a new office in India at Hyderabad.

What would actually happen in future, nobody knows but the above predictions are made only after considering the current trends happening throughout the world.

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