Firefox 4 Finally Arrives – Review

Mozilla Firefox has finally released an actual non beta version of the net browser. This version is said to be bug free to large degree. Apart from some minor bugs, there is nothing much to worry about. This version also has some new feature like a minimalist interface, sync and some panorama features.

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Some of the really awaited and useful features are:

1. Tabs are on top

The chief designer at Firefox, Alex Faaborg, has put the tabs on top of the search bar instead of below it. He explains it by showing a video that shows how the ‘Tabs on top’ feature gives logical visuals, space efficiency, and accommodation of new features like app tabs and a redesigned notification window that associates the notification with its site’s tab.

2. App Tabs

The browser has an option of converting the normal tabs into app tabs. By doing this the tab gets fixed on the upper left corner of the user’s screen and even when the user is browsing through other tabs, the app tab will be visible and available. This is useful in case a user has an important tab that he/she refers to many times and doesn’t want it to get lost. If there is an update on the tab like an email or a Facebook update or a message then the tab starts to glow indicating the update.

3. Use the Search Bar to Find the Tab

When the user types in the address of the site that is already open as a tab, the option ‘switch to tab’ appears. This option will take you to the tab even if it is in another window. This way if you open too many windows and don’t remember that you opened a certain site, its not a problem.

4. Sync with Multiple Devices.

Firefox can now sync bookmarks, browsing history, passwords, form fill data, and open tabs across multiple computers and smartphones. While these features are standard in rival browsers like Opera and Chrome, it took Firefox quite a lot of time to get these in their software.

6. Panorama

Formerly called as tab candy, this feature enables the user to view all the tabs opened in a window and organize them in any particular format. Accessing the feature is easy, just click on an icon on the upper right hand corner and the tabs can be set on the icons. New groups can be created by bringing two icons closer and groups can also be shifted and resized.

7. SVG as Images

Developers and designers can now have good performance websites with stunning looks as SVG file can be used as backgrounds and images in Firefox.

8. Web Consoles

You can now take a behind the curtains look of dynamic web pages with this experimental analysis tool for modern sites.


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