Requirements For Windows 8 Enabled Tablets

Microsoft has let out the set of requirements that will be essential to install Windows 8 in any tablet computer. The hardware certification will need a five finger multi touch screen with 1366×768 resolutions and a 720p camera.

The most significant essentials will be buttons like power, rotation lock, volume up, volume down and a Windows key. Apart from this, the tab should have five touch points at a time, ambient light sensor (for auto brightness adjustments, most likely), magnetometer (for compass applications), accelerometer and gyroscope (for motion controls). Microsoft has also said that they need 10GB of free space and Direct 3D 10 support to run Windows properly.

Ballmer Windows 8 tablet features specifications advantages system requirements of Microsoft Windows 8

No other specs were revealed by the blogger Rafael Rivera on the blog Within Windows apart from the fact that all systems that are running Windows 7 will be able to run Windows 8 with a 1 GHz processor and either a 1 GB RAM of 32 bit system ore a 2GB RAM of 64 bit system.

Also, some extra feature required by the OS will be as per the device. For example, if a device is enabled with near field communications technology it must have a touch point on the device indicating the sensor that connects to the communications technology of the device. The tablets will be logged in to by pressing the power button and the Windows button together instead of the Ctrl-Alt-Delete buttons. Finally, x86-based machines must resume from standby in two seconds — a requirement that has been in place since Windows 7. It will not apply to ARM-based Windows devices.

The whole gamut of requirements is in place to mainly force some sort of standardization in tab makers and prevent the installation of Android in a Windows 8 enabled tab.

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