How To Block Incoming Calls On A Motorola Mobile

The primary aim of mobile is to make and receive calls. But there are many instances when you want that a call from a particular number or calls from all the number be blocked by your phone. When such a situation arrives, you either switch off your mobile or do not pick up the call or disconnect the phone of the other person.

do not call block mobile numbers

But, these are not the actual solution to your problem. The caller at the other end should not know that the receiver does not want to pick up the phone from the caller.

To do this, just follow the steps that is listed below and you would be able to block incoming calls to your phone. Here we describe the process of blocking through Motorola Razr BR50 phone. But the process is same for all Motorola phones as all the menu options appearing would be same for all the Motorola phones available in the market.

Method To Block Incoming Calls To Your Phone

  1. Go to mobile phone’s main menu and select “Settings” and “Security”.
  2. You would be asked a lock code. Enter the lock code for your phone. If you do not know the lock code, just enter the last four digits of your mobile phone number. Entering this code would give you rights to change security settings.
  3. Now, select “Limit Use” and after that select “Restrict Incoming Calls”. Now you have two options. You can either block all incoming calls by selecting “All” option or you can block all the incoming calls which are not in your contacts list by selecting “Except Contacts” options. It would be safe to select “Except Contacts”. Now select “Save”. Now select “Back” option to go to the main menu. Now the mobile phone would block all incoming calls except those listed in your contact list.

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