Huawei To Built An Ascend Phone Powered By Windows 8

Huawei Ascend Phone Windows 8

Microsoft unveiled about Huawei’s Ascend device which Huawei also officially declared about that it will make an Ascend Phone powered by Windows 8.

The hardware details about Huawei’s Ascend Phone featuring windows 8 is still not in news. It can only be expected about the device that it is going to utilize multicore processors and 720p high resolution displays that is also because Windows phone supports these hardware features. Windows phones also basically includes NFC Supports , so NFC Supports could also be there in Huawei’s Ascend Phone.

The details mentioned above is surely going to be included as Ascend of Hauwei and Windows 8 Phone definitely have these features. Hauwei revealed about its windows 8 Ascend Phone that it will first launch this device in China, then Europe and then US. But Huawei still has not made clear that when is it going to launch the device.

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