Now Edit Comments Posted On “Facebook”

Facebook Comment Editing Feature

Facebook Comment Edit History

Facebook always come up with new transformational features. Last year Facebook introduced the Facebook Timeline which was an excellent concept and was accepted by almost all users. Now it is high time to bring some more innovative features, so Facebook now introduced this ‘Comment Editing’ feature. It allows users to edit comments posted. Google+ already has this feature.
Earlier one had to remove and then had to repost a comment in case of any mistake and it was really time-taking and irritating too. But now facebook users can edit their already posted comments because of ‘Comment Editing’ feature. One can view the full context of conversation by going through the edit history which is by clicking the option ‘edited’ below the comment.

One more new feature of Facebook is that you can see the Friends Timeline Profile Picture and Cover photo when you flicker over friends name. It will display their profile picture as well a smaller cover image with their occupation listing and also ‘Thumbnail Gallery’ of Mutual Friends with messaging button.

This new feature of Facebook is still not made official to all facebook users. Now another most important feature which Facebook shall plan for is ‘Unlike Button’ for which everyone is waiting.

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