MAID – “Microwave Android Integrated Device”

MAID Microwave Android Integrated Device

Android Powered Microwave MAID

‘MAID’  Microwave Android Integrated Device, is a cooking device launched on Monday at Thiruvananthapuram, India. MAID comes with user friendly interface which makes operations simpler and it can virtually auto cook unlimited number of dishes.
MAID (Microwave Android Integrated Device) is a new cooking device which is developed by the new company Technology Business Incubator (TBI) at Technopark in the Technopark campus by seven friends.

“This is the latest generation of microwave ovens and it literally knows to cook every dish. Connecting to the internet at home, one can select the dish of choice from the website and download the recipe and ingredients list using Maid,” said Sabarish Prakash, SectorQube Technolabs CEO.
The one who already have microwaves at their home can get themselves upgraded by installing the MAID Console in their Appliances.
“ MAID is going to be a very unique product in the market. We believe the MAID oven will go a long way in liberating women from the kitchen and make them free to play a greater role in every aspect of life”, said  by Sabarish Prakash.

Most probably MAID is expected to launch by the end of this year. And its price is expected to be around R.7,000. MAID gives voice assistance throughout the whole cooking process & it also instructs and informs when the food is cooked. The video recipes can be downloaded from its website.

You can download recipes at

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