iPhone 5 Launch Event To Be Held At Apple’s Cupertino Campus

The mega launch of the all new Apple iPhone 5, which is to be held on 4th October, will be held at Apple’s campus in Cupertino located in California.

Apple iphone 5 release date and venue 4 October 2011 Cupertino campus

Apple usually used to hold its launch events at its San Francisco location, but this time, it would be different. The reason for the change of event was not made clear. Maybe the usual place, the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts (YBCA) was already booked by someone else. Was it done to make the event more memorable? Whatever may be the reason, but this is for sure that the event would not happen in the usual San Francisco location.

The newer location is smaller than the YBCA, which makes the launch event even more exclusive and difficult to get access to. Last week there was also an announcement made by Apple that the new iPhone 5 would be made available in the market place just after few weeks of announcing the launch of iPhone 5. This launch would hopefully be made on October 4th.

A few day ago, about a month or so, the accessories maker Case-Mate leaked images for the case of iPhone 5 which revealed the device to the world.

All the rumors about the phone would be over in a week or so. So just be patient, and wait for 4th of October to finally see what is in store for all of us.

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