Medical Knowledge, References And Tips – 5 Great iPhone Free Apps

Medical apps for reference and assistance are used by doctors or medical professionals globally. Though not a common practice in India, it is going to attract the attention of the Indian medical community towards its benefits because of the wide availability of these apps which claim the provision of authentic, standardized, approved and updated medical assistance. Here are some of the popular iPhone medical apps.


Medscape free apps to download for a medical professional for quick drug reference

This iPhone app equals a medical library which easily moves with you. Medscape has been created by WebMD and it was the highest downloaded free app in the medical category in iTunes for 2010. It serves as a drug reference guide which can provide an easy information about more than 8000 drugs and not only this it also has more than 4000 evidence based articles by leading medical professionals. Besides this there are clinical reference database, procedural videos, daily updated med news in 34 specialty areas and much more.  The wide usage of this app by medical professionals and students has led to its ever increasing popularity.


Skyscape free apps to download for a medical professional for clinical and drug information medical calculators signs and symptoms

India based mobile medical information providers have developed this fully loaded app that has a wide variety of features like drug and clinical information, signs and symptoms index, medical images, cross reference functionality, flowcharts, algorithms, medical calculators etc. MedAlertTM is a special feature of this app and it has the provision of updates from journal summaries, drug and pharma alerts, breaking clinical news and trial alerts.


Calculate free apps to download for a medical professional for quick medical calculations drug reference

Calculate offers about 150 different types of medical calculators and it is not just about calculations but also proves to be a useful assistance in impact diagnosis, prognosis or making decisions. It offers point-of-care tools in practice areas of internal medicine, nephrology, cardiology, oncology, emergency medicine, orthopedics and is not limited to only these fields.  Whether it is a detailed guided treatment or a WHO approved surgical safety list or any of the basics like calculation of the ideal body weight, medical professionals can have a good help from this handy tool.


Micromedex free apps to download for a medical professional for quick drug reference dosage generic trade name of a drug side effects risks

This app caters to the requirement of the detailed drug information for more than 4000 drugs including the generic name of the drug, its dosage, risk factors, precautions, dose adjustments, administration, side effects, and monitoring techniques. Medical students and interns can benefit from the features   ‘mechanism of action’ and ‘clinical teaching’. Along with the different features it has the feasibility of usage due to its clear and clutter free interface.


Living Medical Textbooks free apps to download for a medical professional or a doctor for quick drug reference dosage generic trade name of a drug side effects risks as well as complete guide

Living Medical Textbooks are a series of apps and one textbook topic is covered in each app. It serves a great help to students as an all-time available reference plus being economical. As per the the needs of a  med student it provides all possible resources like illustrations, procedural information, videos, journal articles and certain sections are regularly updated thus enhancing the efficacy of this app. A living Medical Textbook on any of the desired topics can be availed with detail description like Diabetes, Metastatic melanoma, Leukemia and MDS, Multiple sclerosis.

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