Facebook Pictures – Once Posted, It Stays Forever.

Facebook is everywhere. We post pictures, tag our friends and post comments. At times we delete them and forget about it.

Optimized Facebook photo Once Posted It Remains There Forever precautions to be maintained while posting online

But do you know that, on Facebook, if you post your picture once, it remains there forever and anybody can see them. So you must not be surprised if you come across your old pictures which you have already deleted from your Facebook account. These images are not deleted even after a user deletes the picture from his/her account. Anybody can access these images if they have link to these images.

According to the Daily Mail, the company admits that its systems “do not always delete images in a reasonable period of time”.

The pictures remain hidden from normal view of the users while accessing their profiles, by logging into Facebook and looking into somebody’s photo album. One can still view deleted images if one has the direct URL link to the pictures. It means that if pictures (link of Facebook pictures) are sent through email then pictures would still be visible for anyone who simply clicks the URL of the picture sent through e-mail.

In December, Facebook agreed to overhaul the privacy protection for users outside North America. These users are more than half a billion users. Facebook agreed to overhaul the privacy protection after an investigation was carried out. The result of investigation found that the privacy policy of Facebook lacked transparency.

So, be careful while posting your pictures on Facebook. If you post it once, it would be there forever and you would not be able to delete those pictures. So, post your pictures sensibly in a way that you would not feel embarrassed or ashamed later on in life.


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