Mobile Marketing – Part 1

December 5, 2011

Have you ever wondered the word “mobile” which means “movement” would be replaced by an instrument that would help people communicate with each other over long distances? Yes, I am talking about the favorite toy which has become one of the basic amenities of everybody in this fast-paced world- “THE MOBILE”. So, is mobile marketing all about marketing through mobile phones? Well, as a matter of fact, we can say that it is true to an extent in relation to the contemporary perception about the definition of mobile marketing, but a more traditional school of thought regarding mobile marketing is that it is “marketing on the move”.

Mobile marketing uses of mobile connectivity places where a mobile phone can be used advertising blue print diagram

To be precise, the Mobile Marketing Association updated its definition of Mobile Marketing as “Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network”.

So, it is very much evident that mobile marketing has many forms about it and undoubtedly the use of mobile phones in this mode of marketing is just one of its forms but, definitely the most effective and prominent one. The bottom-line of any mode of marketing is to draw the attention of people towards a particular product or a service. The first essential step in this regard is to make the customer aware of the existence of the product or service. In these contemporary times, when almost every person is on the move, it is also necessary for the business to be on the move. So, in this scenario, cell phone advertising serves as a boon to the business. The audience can be reached virtually twenty four hours a day and they can be reached anywhere that they take their cell phone. Hence, it is quite evident that this sort of advertising has got enormous potential in its functioning and implementation.

Initially, when the trend of mobile marketing first hit the markets it did not appeal much to the majority because they were unfamiliar to this sort of advertising and did not feel comfortable with the “inboxes” of their mobiles being flooded with the ads of various products and services advertised by various companies.

But, as time progressed people slowly started getting accustomed to this trend as they could see that they would be missing out exciting offers of totally new, refreshing, trendy products and qualitative services if they ignore the typical three or four liner ads sent in the form of an SMS or a small video sent as an MMS.

So, at the end of the day, this trend percolated into the minds of people to such an extent that they started liking it and also started to be on the look-out for their mobile updates regarding the new launches of a product, special offers, information about discount sales or a new and interesting service.

Guest article by Keerthichand – IBS, Hyderabad

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