Mozilla FireFox For Android Released

Firefox has released a new version of FireFox browser for Android today. There has been official launch of the browser today on the Google Play market. According to Mozilla, this new version of browser will boost performance to a significant level for Android OS.

mozilla firefox for Android Download Link

With the new browser for Android, Mozilla has tried to enhance user experience by providing better tabbed experience while browsing. It also adds the facility to sync bookmarks and tabs with desktop as provided by Google Chrome for Android 4.0. Along with the above mentioned facility, the new Mozilla FireFox for Android also provides better security features like Master Password, Do Not Track and HTTP Strict Transport Security.

The new FireFox for Android is one of the best browsers developed till date with enriched and enhanced user experience. It supports HTML 5 and has added numerous APIs such as Mobile Connection API, Camera API, Battery Status API, Vibration API, Screen Orientation API and Geolocation API. It also supports all the other open Web Standards such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and all the other web standards.

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