Sony Launching Google TV Internationally

Sony NSZ GS7 Internet Player Google TV

At CES 2012 Sony officially declared that its Google TV will launch in Europe this summer. Google with Sony as the preffered launch partner is launching its Smart TV. Sony unveiled about this news that NSZ-GS7 (Internet Player with Google TV) is a set-top box with smart keyboard toting remote control and it will enter the market on 22nd July at U.K. for £200 ($311).

 Thenafter NSZ-GS7 will launch in Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Netherlands, Brazil, and Mexico. Sony Germany has given date of September for the launch at that nation.

Sony made a huge effort to bring this Internet TV to the mob keeping in view the Google’s global reputation.

There are whispers about Apple which is Google’s Rival that it is planning to renovate the whole market and as such Amazon is expanding its own Net content offering with deals like Lovefilm and Fox in U.K.

Soon NSZ-GP9 with Integrated Blu-ray Player will arrive in October, which will be priced at £280 (€300/$299).

It is at this very time that news revealed about Google TV launch, because, Recently Google was in news about closing its acquisition of Motorola Mobility. Eric Schmidt assured the audience that this buyout is more than getting ownership of Motorola’s patents.

Sony updated its hardware by replacing the complex remote control with Swisher which is much like smartphone.

More details will be revealed this week at Google I/O. You can get more information and Trailers at Sony and Google’s respective sites.

Sony NSZ GS7 Google Smart TV

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