Now Experience Smartphone On A Basic Java Phone

Mobile Apps bring all the cool features of your smartphone in your basic java phone have the experience of a lifetime

You no more have to fret about the fact that you do not own a Smartphone. Rather be grateful to the various high quality free apps that are almost equal to their corresponding Smartphone apps. They can give you a Smartphone like experience on your basic Java phone.

Here are a few such apps.


Nimbuzz now make free calls send text messages chat Gtalk MSN yahoo AIM Facebook all can be done on this and Nimnuzz comes preinstalled on Spice S7000 handset

This is not a single feature app but a bouquet of apps. It enables it users to send text messages, make free calls, and also chat. Through your Nimbuzz account you can access Gtalk, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN chat, AIM, Facebook and a lot more. You can even purchase ‘Nimbuzz Credit’ to make phone calls to any mobile.


This is the app that enables you to make VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) calls. via the app users can make calls to their online friends with the aid of GPRS or Wi-Fi. They can also chat and exchange files through it.

RockeRalk and WhatsApp

These are the two wonderful apps via which you can access MSN chat, Yahoo! Messenger and Gtalk. Pictures and videos can also be shared. A personal gallery can be setup where you can upload images, ringtones, wallpapers and a lot more.


Jigsee how to use get smartphone experience in your basic java phone great app watch videos on gprs

Through this app users can watch videos on GPRS. You can adjust the video quality according to the speed of your Internet. The app includes an excellent library that includes various videos on Bollywood, news, kids’ stuff and also educational videos. The best thing about Jigsee is that if you receive a call while a video is streaming, there will be no need to re-buffer the video. In fact the video will resume its streaming from where it had stopped.


Mobiesta see whats happening around you in your local city one of the best apps to have in your mobile for a wonderful experience

Via this app you can easily by just a press of few keys find out what’s exactly happening in your city. The app at present covers Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore.


Now you can shop online or book an air/railway ticket even through your Java phone with the use of ngpay. The app enables you to purchase jewellery, book tickets and a lot more even in the absence of a Smartphone. You can also check PNR status or train timings through this innovative app. The payments can be made through a debit or a credit card.


Newshunt one of the best apps for reading newspapers on your mobile phone now make your simple java phone into a smartphoneThis is an app to read newspapers on your mobile phone. More than 50 newspapers in nine different languages can be read through this app. It has multiple categories such as entertainment, sports, politics. The app is compatible with around 1,500 phones.


This is a popular Twitter app for Smartphones and is now also available for Java phones. Twitter features can be easily accessed through this app like user profile, images and links. It helps yo to retweet, enlarge or reduce font size and mange your tweets.

Bolt Browser

bolt minibrowser Opera features browser for your mobile features make your simple java phone into a smartphone

Bolt is a less popular but a great browser for mobile phones. The app supports the latest HTML5 and Flash plug-ins. Besides this, it enables you to post directly on Facebook and Twitter, tab browsing, access one-push Google Docs and data back-up. Overall it’s a lot more than a simple browser

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