Planning To Buy a Tablet? A Quick Comparison Between iOS and Android

With another year passing by a lot have changed in the world of technology. Choosing a tablet among many options can be a difficult task. First of all you need to be sure of whether you will be buying an iOS, Windows or Android tablet. Each of these tablets has many advantages and disadvantages over one another. Prioritize the features that you want in your tablet and then start searching for it.

Android vs iOS

If you are in a dilemma of choosing between Apple iPad(iOS) or an android tablet then consider the following table:

Apple iOS based iPad Android Tablet
Apple iOS cannot be customized as much as Android operating system. The maximum that you can do is change the order in which your apps are displayed or changing the background colours. Android tablets are highly customizable as compared to iOS.
Easiest to use. iOS (Apple) tablets are very easy to use and are relatively simpler than Android tablets and Windows tablets in use. These are relatively more difficult in terms of ease of use than Apple iPad.
Apple iPad (iOS) does not support Flash. So you will not be able to enjoy some of the content or websites in your iPad that needs support for Flash. Android supports Flash and you can enjoy all your content with Android tablets.
Apple iPad is costlier than most of the Android tablets in the market. Android tablets are generally cheaper than Apple iPad. You can even buy two Android tablets for the price of one Apple iPad.
Apps in Apple iPad function better than Android apps. The reason for this is that Apple hardware settings are limited and only few variety of Apple devices are available which is unlike Android devices which comes in many shapes and sizes. The overall functioning of a particular app in Android is worse if compared to Apple iPad because Android devices are scattered in all screen sizes and hardware configuration. So the same app may function slowing in one Android device while it may function with better speed in other Android device.
In terms of security, iPad is better equipped than Android tablets. You cannot download any virus or malicious app in iPad. Since Android is more open than iOS, you can be a victim of downloading trojan, virus or any corrupt app that can seriously damage your Android tablet.
There are only limited options if you plan to buy an iPad. The number of tablets that you can choose to buy containing Android as an operating system is much more than tablets containing iOS or Windows as an operating System.

Go for a tablet that suits your budget and fulfills your need. There are demo samples of most of these devices in any of the electronic shop near you. Just play with the demo sample and see what kind of look and feel each of the tablets has to offer and always go for the device that suits you.

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