Quick Comparison Between Apple iOS6, Android 4.0 & Windows Phone

Apple unveiled the iOS6 for the iPhone & iPad at the WWDC 2012 (World Wide Developer Conference). Few of the features are highlighted amongst the 200 new features promised by Apple for the latest version of its mobile OS.

On June 20th Microsoft is going to unveil its next generation of Windows Phone, While Google is also going to unveil about its plan for the “Jellybean” which is the codename of the next version of Android.

Apple is bringing twist on its own updates like Siri which is apple’s voice activated virtual assistant is much smarter now supporting sports, movies & restaurants. You can’t control the 3rd party applications with voice but it can directly launch applications.

Instead of Google Maps, Apple is launching its own ‘Maps application’ with iOS6, which includes local business information, Real time traffic updates, Yelp integration, Turn by turn navigation. Apple has also added Siri to maps so that one could ask questions as: Are we there yet?, Where is the next station? It has also added 3D flyover mode to its Maps app. which gives the detailed 3D models of buildings & landmarks.

OS Comparison chart iOS6 Android 4.0 Windows Phone 2012

Both Microsoft & Android provides voice command support but is no where in range with Siri’s artificial intelligence & natural dictation. Microsoft coz of its turn by turn direction features need to renovate its Bing Maps in the next version of Windows phone.

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