How To Find The Song Lastly Played On Youtube?

If your mind could not strike the name of the song and video which you just finished watching on YouTube and you really like the song in that video and also video description does not have any information about the track. Then in this case there are some tricks which would help you to find the name of that song played on YouTube video.


There are some videos on YouTube which includes background music from YouTube Audio Swap Library which is why it is easier to find out the audio track. It goes this way:

youtube audio track option1 audio information about the video

Click the ‘Video Static’ button (below the video player) while being on a YouTube video page. Now you will find the detailed information about the song including the album and the artist name. But this trick won’t work for the videos which are not using music from the ‘Audio Swap Library’.


Music identification service could be used to find out the name of the song, only if YouTube Video includes a popular sound track. Instrumental music could also be identified with this service. It goes this way:

First you need to install “Shazam or Sound Cloud” on your mobile device, and then launch the application. Now play the YouTube Video on desktop and bring your phone near the speakers of computer. You can also use “Midoni” to identify the YouTube Music on desktop, if this application doesn’t work on your mobile phone.


You can also find out the information about the song with the help of ‘Twitter’. It goes this way:

In the ‘Twitter Search Box’, put the YouTube Video ID (not Video URL), and then you will find all the tweets which mention that video. Some of the tweets might have more information about the video. When researching for a foreign music, you can contact with the people who shared that video. It is better to use YouTube Video IDs than URLs coz people use different URLs in tweets but the ID remains the same.


If it is possible for you to understand the lyrics of the song then take down the first few lines and type that in Google. This is an obvious solution to include in the list.


Song name could also be found out from the comments section for popular YouTube Videos. Because there may be other people who are curious to get more information about the song. It goes this way:

youtube song name option 5 track identification

On YouTube Page, click “All Comments”, now set the sort order ‘by thread’. Finally open the browser’s Find Box by pressing Ctrl+F and search for keywords like music, tune, song.

When these all tricks does not work, then compose a new YouTube Message, now put the name of the YouTube user who uploaded the video and send him a message regarding your query. They might reply to you and you might get the information about the song.

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