Facebook Ties Up With Saavn For Music

Saavn which is a music streaming radio service has tied up with Facebook to bring Indian music, Bollywood songs and other regional South Asian music to Facebook users.

Facebook ties up with saavn now listen to your favourite hindi and bollywood song using Saavn

The service is very similar to Spotify which brings music to Facebook users in countries such as the US and other such counties. Spotify is not available to Indian Facebook users. According to the news, the integration between Facebook and Saavn began in December previous year and more than 7,00,000 new Facebook users are already using Saavn.

Saavn stands for South Asian Audio Video Network. Saavn is currently available for the web, iOS and mobile devices which are Android based. It currently has license for music from more than 200 providers which includes music songs licensed for over a million songs. Saavn is free for users. It makes money by putting quality ads which are targeted displays. Saavn also has a premium version through which users are charged a certain amount to use the service in offline mode.

With Saavn, users can stream music online and create their playlists. They can even share their playlists created with friends and family. Users of Saavn can also create radio stations using Saavn. As you enter a song initially at the beginning, all your subsequent songs that are streamed to you would be based on the algorithmic similarities between your initial chosen song and the new search that you make.

It has much resemblance to Spotify. Like Spotify, the users of Saavn can also post the music that they are currently listening to on their Facebook wall. The users can also listen to the songs that their friends are enjoying. Posts related to Saavn are updated on Facebook Tickers, Timelines and Newsfeeds as well. Spotify is currently available in limited countries, but Saavn is available worldwide. Users of Saavn currently represent 219 counties of the world.

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