Twitter Adds Permanent HTTPS

twitter https activated for users

Today was a big day for Twitter. Twitter has taken a big step in improving the overall security of all the accounts for Twitter. It has successfully implemented a new setting that enables permanently HTTPS.

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It is a more secure environment for the users than the regular HTTP. HTTPS allows encrypted data tranfer and communication processes between the networks and the users. It adds a further layer while transferring the date from one place to other. It has increased security features that prevents loss of data to any third party and the user’s account information cannot be accessed to any open Wi-Fi networks.

twitter https networking activated for users
Starting from today, all the users of Twitter can activate HTTPS permanently by first of all going into settings and then selecting “Always Use HTTPS” option. Selecting this option will allow the users to always be logged into Twitter using a more secure environment than the regular HTTP.

For mobile users, to enter into a secure environment they need to be looged onto instead of The mobile website still is not in a position to enable HTTPS permanently. Everytime the user need to go to inorder to enable HTTPS. Twitter is working very hard to solve this problem and it would soon be out with permanent HTTPS environment for mobile users in the near future very soon.

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