Why Are We So Addictive To Pinterest?

We all love to spend time on Facebook, Twitter and other social Media sites. One site that has emerged in recent times is Pinterest. And anybody who starts to spend some time on Pinterest, actually becomes adducted to it.

Pinterest is a site where you can spend hours just by browsing into other people’s images. Column Five created an infographic just to examine the addiction that is caused by Pinterest. The addiction of Pinterest is spreading like a wild fire in the forest. According to the data, an average Pinterest user spends around 98 minutes per month on Pinterest. An average user spends about 2.5 hours on Tumblr and around 7 hours on Facebook. The hours spent by an average user in Pinterest is third among all social media websites.

The infographic relating to “Why is Pinterest so Addictive” is shown below. Have a look at it and you’ll soon understand why.

Pinterest Flowtown infographic social media pinning why people pin is so addictive

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