Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview: One Million Downloads First Day

Microsoft recently launched the all new Windows 8 Consumer Preview. It was downloaded more than 1 million times on the very same day on which it was launched.

Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview Download Tweets on Twitter Hits 1 one million downloads in a single day

For any Operating System, these figures does not give any false impressions, especially when the Operating System is still in the beta phase. The software was available for a free download and the consumers were not charged anything what so ever for the beta version of Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

One million download figure was provided by the Windows 8 development team. This announcement was made on Twitter when in the development team said that, “One day later … one million downloads of the consumer preview.

Like the Windows 8 Developer Preview which released in September 2011, this version – Windows 8 Consumer preview is a stepping stone towards bringing Windows 8 closer to users by solving some of the issues that the general user might have while operating on the Operating System. Windows 8 would be providing touch compatible user interface with most of the computer related devices that we see around including laptops, desktops or tablets.

Microsoft is releasing Windows 8 in chunks so that the developers could get enough time to develop apps based on Windows 8. The aim of releasing it in small chunks is also to allow people to get experience of using Windows 8. With Windows 8, apps could be developed that use traditional mouse, keyboard and trackpad as well as that uses touch compatible user interface as an input from the user.

Whatever be the reason for releasing Windows 8, you can still download your own copy of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Consumer Preview for free and get hands on experience on using the all new Windows 8.

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