27,000 South Koreans File Lawsuit Against Apple

More than 27000 South Koreans have filed a lawsuit against one of the most reputed companies of the world.

Here in London, Apple which is one of the biggest Software technology giants in the world was faced with the lawsuit. The South Koreans claimed that the company had not respected the privacy of its consumers and had invaded their privacy by storing log of their movements in hidden form which they made on their iPhones.

South Korea iphone track iphone black 27000 South Koreans File Lawsuit Against Apple

This was initially found out in April by two British security researchers when they found the file on the iPhone and the computers with which they were associated with. According to the Telegraph, the data which was contained in the log stretched for almost a year back. This shows that for almost one year, every movement of its iPhone users was tracked by Apple.

In South Korea, when this was put to the knowledge of court, then the court ordered Apple to pay one million pounds as compensation to Kin Hyung-souk (The person who first filed the case against Apple).

But now after that incident, the number of compensation seekers have increased and now more than 27,000 people are now in class action. He (Kin Hyung-souk) represents all these people through his firm Mirae law.

South Korea iphone track iphone white 27000 South Koreans File Lawsuit Against Apple

Each and every person of those 27,000 people are seeking the same amount of compensation as received by Kin Hyung-souk. It is estimated that if every seeker gets that required compensation from Apple, then Apple would have to payout more than 15.2 million pounds.

After a week that the existence of hidden log was publicised, Apple announced that it would soon fix the “bug” associated with it’s Operating System that made it hard for location data to turn off. Apple also said that, from that point onwards, it would also stop backing up the files on computer associated with each iPhone and would make sure to encrypt it along with all forms of other data.

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