Twitter Now Ready To Give Facebook Style Pages To Brands

Twitter in order to increase its revenue is considering making Facebook Style pages and giving it to major Brands. This model would increase the revenue from advertising on Twitter tremendously.

Branded pages would be designed so that the advertisers can tailor make their messages in order to tell their customers their exact messages and to increase their brand awareness. The brands would be provided with their own space and Twitter users would be encouraged to follow them.

twitter facebook style brands page backgrounds images themes

This revenue model would create fresh blood in their revenue as Dick Costolo, Twitter chief executive and Adam Bain, president of revenue are very keen on creating fresh revenue streams.

Currently Twitter provides very limited promotional opportunities for brands. Apart from providing free branded accounts, Twitter offers Promoted Accounts. In Promoted Accounts, Twitter allows brands to sponsor hash tags after buying a place in recommended followers list so that the brand appears in search results. By, making Facebook style pages, Twitter would also be a preferred option for the advertisers.

The question now is would whole Twitter experience to the daily user be affected by these Brand pages? And if so how Twitter would be able to reduce the uneasiness experienced by the user? These are some of the questions, that Twitter would have to keep in mind before launching such features. For now, lets hope for the best to happen for Twitter.

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