How Do People Spend Time On Their Smartphone

Mobile phones which was originally developed for making calls is now being used for other purposes apart from making calls. Making calls is now at the fifth position in terms of usage of a smartphone falling behind using the Web, Facebook, Games and Music.

How Do People Spend Time on Their Smartphone

  1. Browsing The Net – 24.49 minutes
  2. Checking Out Social Networking Sites – 17.29 minutes
  3. Playing Games – 14.26 minutes
  4. Listening To Music – 15.38 minutes
  5. Making Calls – 12.08 minutes
  6. Checking Emails – 11.06 minutes
  7. SMS / Text Messaging – 10.12 minutes
  8. Watching Films / TV – 9.23 minutes
  9. Reading Books – 9.18 minutes
  10. Taking Pictures – 3.25 minutes

This study was conducted by O2 in the UK. Mr. David Johnson, who is the General Manager Devices for O2 said, “Smartphones are now being used like a digital ‘Swiss Army Knife’, replacing possessions like watches, cameras, books and even laptops.”

On an average, people spend most time on a smartphone while browsing the net. On an average, people spend 25 minutes a day while surfing the net. While they spend just 12 minutes talking on their phone.

Bar graph How do people spend time on their smartphone

Time Spending Habits of People Using Smartphone

The users of smartphone spend more time browsing through the web, listening to music, playing games and staying connected through Social Networking sites than actually using the phone for talking. Text messaging which became very popular in the past is not so popular now. On an average people just spend 10 minutes a day while texting to their dear ones.

Pie chart How do people spend time on their smartphone

Pie Chart – Percentage break-up of how people spend time on their mobile

On an average, smart phone users spend 17 minutes a day in checking out social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Here are some interesting facts related to mobile users around the world:

  • Around 54% of people use smartphone in place of Alarm clock
  • 46% of people around the world use their smartphone as a watch
  • 39% of people use their smartphone instead of using devices such as camera
  • There are around 25% of people who have even replaced using their laptop with using smartphones
  • 10% of people have started using their mobile as their games console
  • There are 6% of people who have even replaced watching TV with their smartphone
  • There are other 6% people who like to read books only on their smartphones and have stopped actual reading of books

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