Microsoft Designing A Curved Keypad For Typing

Microsoft is on innovation spree these days. It has started pushing out new start screens for mobile as well as desktop, it has taken over Yammer enterprise social network for 1.2 billion dollars. Microsoft has shown that it will not stop its growth path.

curved keyboard from Microsoft for mobiles and hand held devices

Continuing with the growth path, Microsoft is designing keypad for mobiles that is curved in shape. The curve nature of the keypad would allow typing from single hand only instead of two. So texting would become easier while using one hand only. The keyboard curves into an arc for one thumb typing.

The image shown above is the image that has been leaked out of Microsoft of the design to be finally implemented. In the picture you can see that it is not well put-together. There are works still left by Microsoft to be done.

The jump from a straight keyboard to a curved one would be tough for people to accept initially but finally would be accepted by people with time. This is a great new design which is introduced by Microsoft. It would define the future of texting. We all hope to see curved keypad from Microsoft very soon.

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