‘Microsoft And Motorola’ Snags Over ‘Smartphone Patent Violation’

Microsoft And Motorola Tangles

‘Reuters’ reported that Microsoft have dismissed Motorola’s settlement offer for a dispute which may see importation bans on few Android devices and Microsoft’s Xbox game console. Motorola is prosecuting the case because it wants royalties from Microsoft relating to the patent breach for both video and wire-less technology used in the Windows X-Box and Windows itself.

Microsoft says, Android infringes patents for syncing the devices which is at the core of the Mobile Operating System, which is why Microsoft pursue manufacturers of Android devices.

Microsoft gets remunerative license offers from Google’s Manufacturer partners but Microsoft itself has not taken Google which designs android. Motorola so far denied to pay. But Google bought the Motorola’s Mobility which brings the fight to its tip. Now Microsoft brings out its own efforts to compete Android for both the tablet and smartphone.

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