Samsung Brings New Windows 8 Tablets & Convertible Laptops

On the inauguration’s day of  “Taipei’s Computex show”  Samsung springs up with many new  Windows devices, specially these two tablets with attachable keyboards which are most probably scheduled to arrive in October at the Indian Market.

Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC Taipei Computex Show 2012 Electronics Gadgets Showcase

These 2 tablets, namely Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC & Samsung series 7 Hybrid PC runs on Windows 8 OS & marks 11.6” touchscreens. Samsung discloses that these tablets are still in the development stages, offering few technical specs that they would be using Intel chips.

These tablets are packed up with a battery life of around 7 hours. The Series 7 hybrid will be slightly thicker in its hardware design as compared with the series 5 Hybrid and will also be packed up with much more processing power, said by Samsung.

The launching date of Windows 8 is yet to be announced by “Microsoft”. But according to the analysts, this operating system is expected to arrive at the end of this year. Asus & Acer revealed their very own Windows 8 tablets, featuring it’s attachable keyboards which makes it a notebook.

Samsung also brings up a convertible touchscreen laptop device .This Samsung Notebook Series 5 Ultra Convertible is packed up with a 360° hinge , which allows it to convert into a tablet. This is an Intel Core i7 processing device with 1.9 GHz processor & is packed up with about 6-7 hrs battery life. Samsung said, “This device is only a concept at this point”. There is also a similar device, named the Samsung Notebook Series 5 Ultra Touch but it lacks in 360° hinge for its display.

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