How To Install Windows 8?

Microsoft releases the preview version of Windows 8, which is indicated to be a feature complete operating system. Windows 8 ‘Release Preview is now available for free download but it requires good specs to run Windows 8 at your existing system.

windows 8 metro style how to install windows 8 on your laptop or any other gadget quick guide tutorial

Windows 8 – System Requirements

  • 1GB RAM
  • 16 GB Hard Disk
  • 1GHz processor

It requires minimum 2 GB RAM to install 64- bit version of Windows 8.

Windows 8 Setup or the ISO Image?

Windows 8 can be installed in 2 ways,

  1. Windows 8 setup program , which is the default option is the much easiest route to download.
  2. Alternatively, the ISO Images for Windows 8 can be downloaded.

This default setup program is a good choice if you just want to upgrade from an previous version of Windows to Windows 8 or if you want to install it on a different partition (dual boot).

It is to be noted that this default setup program will only preserve the installed software programs, if you are upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8. So if Windows 8 is installed over Windows XP or Windows Vista, the software programs on the disk will not be preserved but only the files will be preserved.

Situations which fits Windows 8 ISO Image:

  1. If your computer is running on 32-bit version of Windows but is having a x64 bit processor. Then in this case if you want to install the 64 bit version of Windows 8, you can install the 64-bit ISO.
  2. Running Windows 8 as Virtual Machine inside your existing copy of Windows.
  3. If Windows 8 is to be installed on multiple computers. In this case, download the ISO once, create a bootable DVD and boot the multiple systems with this newly created bootable DVD.
  4. Installing Windows 8 on Mac (iMac or Macbook), using Boot Camp Software.
  5. If you are running Windows XP.

Universal Product Key for Windows 8:


Software programs compatible with Windows 8

Run the setup utility before installing the ISO Image of Windows 8, it will show the list of all software programs and hardware drivers which are compatible on your system with Windows 8.

Installing Windows 8

Windows 8 can be installed in following 3 manners;

–         Installing Windows 8 side-by-side (Dual boot)

–         As a Virtual Machine (Runs inside the existing Windows like any other software)

–         As a Primary Operating System (There is no going back)

It is safest and the best to install Virtual Machine if you just want to try Windows 8 without modifying any of your existing set-up. Go for the Dual-Boot option if you have a Vacant Disk Partition. Consider Upgrading to Windows 8 if you have a spare computer (overwriting the previous installation of Windows).

Note: None of the files and accounts will be preserved if you are upgrading from Windows 8 Customer Preview to the Windows 8 Release Preview, though everything would be moved to the Windows old folder.

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