Twitter Gets More Than 200 Million Accounts

Twitter has confirmed that it has now passed more than 200 million accounts and of those accounts, 70% are of International traffic. This was said by a company representative few days back.

twitter gets more than 200 million registered users one of the most popular websites

This announcement was also made by Katie Stanton, Twitter’s Vice President of International Strategy at the Guardian Activate conference in New York. She said that Twitter has now more than 200 million accounts worldwide and more than 70% of Twitter’s traffic comes from different countries outside that of US. She further added that roughly 25% of the whole traffic of Twitter comes from Japan alone. All this means that Katie Stanton is doing her job very well and whatever strategy she is implementing to bring International traffic to Twitter, she is doing it right and delivering the results.

Just last month it was reported by Twitter that it was adding about just under half million new user accounts per day. The business facing page of Twitter said that it had 175 million registered users.

An independent research done by “Business Insider” concluded that there are estimated 56 million users who are following 8 or more than 8 other people on Twitter. Twitter is focussed on long term retention of its users.

If we compare Facebook and Twitter, we find that Facebook has much larger user base when compared to Twitter. Also, people find Facebook much more interesting than Twitter. The whole experience of Twitting is much more enjoyable than sharing on Facebook.

Twitter is increasing on a fast spree and it definitely hopes to surpass Facebook in coming years. But lets keep the story short and just say that Twitter is rising very fast and is giving all other sites a signal of “Watch out! Here I come”.  Twitter has improved its service recently and continues to deliver services in the best possible ways.

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