Twitter Brings In New Text Ads

Twitter has been experimenting with its ad formats in order to generate revenue from the past year. This time it is experimenting with new text ads.

These ads are of third-party text ads which appear on its webpage. These Twitter ads are placed in the right hand column just below the “trends” section. The figure shows the exact location of these ads.

twitter introduces text ads to gain revenue

Before placing ads on this space, Twitter used the space to display links to its own services. It also displayed related third-party tools and services. But this space from now on, might be used for ads purpose to generate revenue.

These ads are not important to Twitter as much as other formats of ads, but slowly and steadily Twitter is trying to generate revenue for itself in what works out best for Twitter. We think that we would see many other changes and rise in the number of placement of ads in the future by Twitter.

What do you think about this move by Twitter? Does it takes the charm away from it or there is not much of a difference to the user experience?

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