Zynga On An Extensive Hiring Spree In India

Zynga, the social gaming star has captured the limelight by the launch of a new game Mafia Wars 2 in 3D. The game has a support in 16 languages. Zynga has announced its plan of aggressive engineer hirings for its office in Bangalore.

Zynga Logo social gaming start company to hire more people from India best games developed so far include Mafia Wars 2 in 3D

Zynga had established its central office in India in February 2010.  In those times social gaming on facebook was emerging but at a very high speed. They needed engineers so that they could develop key technologies and infrastructure to meet the growing demand of social games. A couple of days before the launch of Mafia Wars 2 on Google the Chief Technology Officer of Zynga announced that there would be a lot of hiring for Bangalore office. They found India as a place full of talents and they are following the path of other global companies based in India. This will open new undiscovered and potential markets and will bring diverseness in the company.

The brand had become a household name because of its famous games like Cityville, Farmville, Zynga Poker, Mafia Wars, Words With Friends, especially because of the youngsters who loved spending hours with unity on harvesting, watering and growing their farms. As per our data Zynga has about 60 million of daily users who play together for about 416 million times per day.

Many engineers are being hired to support the architecture of games and to control and work on each distributed systems. Designers are also required to design the features of their latest offering. Zynga has chosen 11 Computer Science engineers from BITS Pilani with an attractive package. They are visiting NITs and IITs too. Their road maps also include other Bangalore colleges.

Mafiawars 2 by Zynga a social media game in 3D experience the new sensation and a new feeling one of the best Facebook game

Since there is a huge potential of growing market in India, Zynga is planning to start game development in India. Western players are invited to local regions by the help of Indian Offices. There are few obstructions in Asian markets such as preference of playing in internet cafes, local and language barriers, homegrown games. But India is growing rapidly. Many of the Indian gamers invite US and English players. The trend of playing in cyber cafes is decreasing and playing in homes increasing. India has always been the first country to adopt a new game launched by Zynga.

But there are still few drawbacks such as lack of good internet connection. Zynga offers only online games and capitalizes on social games. Zynga has recognized the growing demand of mobile games in India and it has introduced different mobile versions of its popular games. This is also advantageous for the growth of 3G in India.

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