Opera Mini 7 – Browser For Feature Phones Released

Opera has launched Opera Mini 7 that is especially designed for feature phones. This browser from Opera has inbuilt social networking features.

Opera Mini 7 for feature phones and smartphones download link

These days, the browser that comes along with all the feature phones are below average. But when you install Opera Mini 7, you would enjoy your browsing experience. The new Opera Mini 7 browser is supported by devices that are built on Symbian, Java and BlackBerry OS. So you can say that it is not entirely a feature phone browser.

One of the most unique features of Opera Mini 7 is that the users can use integrated services of Facebook and Twitter stream from their browser window. So there is no need for any separate apps for Facebook and Twitter.

Another important feature of Opera Mini 7 is that, that it uses some data crunching technologies to use minimum bandwidth so that the overall usage of data transfer is minimum so that internet costs are reduced to a minimum. According to Opera, there are many people who are not able to access the full desktop versions of websites. But with Opera Mini 7 browser, these people would appreciate the fact that feature phone users would be able to access such websites.

You can download Opera Mini 7 from m.opera.com.

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